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Hongkong watch shop mainland tourists accounted for more than 80

along with the gradual relaxation of the free line of Hongkong visa measures, Hongkong's tourism industry and retail industry also will be more prosperous -- since the domestic open freedom, the influx of mainland to Hongkong tourism consumption, jewellery industry by its benefits.
Hongkong Prince jewellery in the Tsim Sha Tsui operating for 25 years, witnessed the watch industry development, founder Deng Juming earlier said in an interview, mainland visitors before 5 years accounted for only three, has now increased to eight or nine Cartire 230000 anti water flooding encountered complaints, accounted for most of the company's customers.
SARS during 2003, visitors declined, the company sales in a short span of 1 months, fell into eight or nine; the same year mainland residents to Hong Kong free measures, the company business make the dead come back to life, in the last 3 months, before the recovery, 6 7 months of lost territory, visible mainland tourists spending power, sufficient to support local watch industry ecology.
when it comes to mainland customers consumption patterns, Deng Juming said, they like the simple style, such as the gold watch Buy Replica Cartier Watches, and to the men's watch is dominant.Mainland people to buy watches and clocks, usually soon decided, but Hongkong will stay on to buy, consider a long time.
At present, in the mainland visitors in mind, have a few good image, pavement is large enough, the inventory enough line of watches and clocks, of course, the most important is the service attitude.

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London - President Obamas Motorcade Fined

he armoured limousine carrying U.S. President Barack Obama leaves Downing Street in London May 25, 2011. APLondon - President Obamas motorcade has been fined for not paying the congestion charge in London, officials said today. Londons Evening Standard reported that Mayor Boris Johnson had warned Obama in May that US diplomats had not been paying the fees. American diplomats have racked up an $8.5 million bill since 2003, Londons Daily Mail newspaper reported. At the time, Londons mayor also publicly made clear that he wanted the $16 congestion charge paid for Obamas security vehicle The Beast and other cars in his motorcade. Our roads were not closed during the Presidents visit so his motorcade will pay. The Beast will pay the charge, Im delighted to say, Johnson said last month.Advertisement: We didnt charge the pope when he was here because all the roads were closed, so the popemobile was exempt. But this was different. However, the White House has repeatedly ignored the request for payment NewYork - S&P Downgrades Top US Banks Credit Ratings, according to the newspaper, and now face a $200 fine. The Beast escaped the congestion charge ticket because it was travelling so slowly and closely to other vehicles in the presidential motorcade that its details could not be recorded by the street cameras Herve Leger Sale, the newspaper reported. The American Embassy spokesman said treaty prohibits the imposition of this sort of tax on diplomatic missions.

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Chhattisgarh Govt names Mediators to Negotiate with Naxals

aipur: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Tuesday announced the names of two mediators to negotiate with the Naxals for the safe release of the abducted Sukma Collector Alex Paul Menon. After the Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan and former MLA Manish Kunjam declined to mediate on behalf of the Naxals, the government named SK Mishra, former chief secretary of Chhattisgarh and Nirmala Buch, former chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh, as the mediators.The Former chief secretaries of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will hold talks with the abductors to release the 32-year-old Menon New York - Viral YouTube Video Of Babbling Twin Babies Has Experts Talking, whose health condition has deteriorated in Maoists' captivity. While expressing his concern over the poor health of the 2006 batch IAS officer, the CM said that former chief secretaries of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will mediate with the Maoist mediators on behalf of the state government. Even though Bhushan and Kunjam refused to be the mediators of Maoists, the third mediator, former SC/ST commission Chief BD Sharma Replica Cartier Watches for sale, agreed to mediate in the matter adding that he is waiting for the proposal from the state government. Meanwhile, the government has sent medicines for the abducted Menon through Kunjam, who was reluctant to be a mediator, after the Maoists issued a statement saying that the Collector's health has turned critical. Menon's wife has been appealing to the abductors to release her husband as he is suffering from Asthma and he had not carried any medicine with him when he was abducted.

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Mother 20 years ago left home did not return his daughter all th

Mother and daughter big hug
20 years ago, my mother by her family to pick up the Xinzheng. Shen Rong not seen her mother. Today, she grew up and married and have children, only wish is to meet the mother. GF in the major sites to find the mother of posts. Yesterday, in the reporter's help Black workshop poultry meat , lamb skewers Figure , Shen Rong finally got his wish.
Evening News reporter Wang military text /

to find a mother posts on thousands of people read

The tracing posts in the Xinzheng it caused more than 1,000 people to browse, discuss.
post Shenyu hair. Two Moumou pregnant again back the Xinzheng home. Shen Rong never seen my mother so many years her biggest dream is to be able to see her mother.
Shen Rong said that her post in the major sites to look for his mother, the mother is to be found through the power of the network.
Later, Shen grew up, my father is no longer mentioned.
Shen Rong said that the father is an honest man, 20 years ago, family is poor and could not find boyfriends.
mother is a high school education, but did not culture the hearts of the Shen family, the mother is college students, my mother added to the Shenjia infinite glory.
father always said that the mother is very beautiful, very virtuous, educated, very respected grandfather, grandmother, my mother does not love my father but the mother is very take care of him. Grandmother often mention the contents of the letter will be sad to tears.
mother back to her maiden days, the father began drinking to forget. A drunk, he was riding the bike off to the Xinzheng.
Shen Rong said, grandpa saw his father, to find someone to beat him up, put him in the house. The mother knows, secretly father put out. Later, the aunt Trustee to Xinzheng inquire about the twists and turns was informed that his mother has remarried. Since then, father we do not find his mother, will mother the things that burned a shirt. Shen Rong and mother photo negatives are missing, Shen discovered treasures.
Later, the village was introduced to the father object father are rejected.
mother and daughter meet the flood of tears

this year, Shen has 23 years of age, the 4-year-old son. , if the mother and I recognize the better. town to find her mother. Previously, the reporter contacted the the Meng town deputy secretary of Wang Zhaodong, let him help tracing.
a pedestrian to Meng Town, did not expect, Shen Jung-mother family is very liberal, agree with Shen Rong mother see her daughter. 10:30 yesterday, Shen Rong came to her house door. A tall middle-aged woman already waiting, and her daughter met to embrace the tears poured down his face. The mother seeing this, also come up with their own collection of old photographs. Surprisingly, old photographs of the two sides in the hands of exactly the same. Shen Rong Ma expressed the hope that their daughter, son-in-law a few days at home Cheap Missoni Dresses, have the opportunity to work together with a grandson, but she will not return to Shandong.


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